What We Are

Why Environment Communication?
The world is blindly rushing ahead on the “development” path, its dreams and ambitions fuelled by nature’s resources. But the giving-back-to nature to keep alive its self-sustaining capacities is not proportional to the natural resources being consumed in the process. 

Environment Communication means communicating or giving out an environmental message to protect and preserve our natural environment to create behaviour change and a sustainable future. Communication of such messages to all - children, youth and adults - is becoming increasingly important because not living sustainably is simply not an option in today’s world. 

CEC is a specialised niche organisation working to create awareness, appreciation, attitudinal and behavioural change on sustainability issues. With a commitment to proactively raising awareness on environmental issues, CEC promotes sustained call for action to gradually engender positive behaviour change among people towards their natural environment. 

CEC’s abiding motivation is to join hands with the society and communicate towards creating the world where we are never worried about the fact that one day there may not be clean air to breathe or safe water to drink, or healthy food to eat or food to eat at all, and leave in the hands of our future generations a natural world whose innate capacity to sustain and renew itself is sound and flourishing. 

Our Aim
We address this need by promoting sustainable action at the community level and engaging with policymakers to ensure that sustainable development comes to occupy the “top-of-the-mind” space for every strata of society. We work simultaneously to ensure that such sustainable action also informs the functioning of all educational, social, economic, cultural, and political institutions whose activities impact our lives. Suffusing the subconscious with a LOVE FOR ENVIRONMENT and moulding attitudes and daily activities towards environment conservation as a reflex action is the one, focused priority of CEC.

CEC Mission
Communicating for Creating Sustainable Societies

Thematic Centres

  • Climate Change Communication Centre (C4)
  • Biodiversity Communication Centre (BCC)
  • Green Films Centre (GFC)
  • Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Communication Centre (WASHCC)