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Film4Climate Global Video Competition

CEC launches India’s first Environment Communication Awards - Recognising Gamechangers. A shout-out is given to diverse environment communication initiatives for the pioneering CEC Awards 2023. Whose work was ingenious, innovative and impactful and helped in changing behaviours towards a sustainable India. Everyone who falls in the category as individuals, government, filmmakers, developmental organisations, educational institutions, corporates, media – print, radio and television, advertising agencies, and civil society organisations could apply for it.

The World Bank Group’s global partnership programme, launched the Film4Climate Global Video Competition to promote sustainability in the creative industries through active engagement with young people in finding solutions to climate change. It was announced at the Cannes Film Festival, the Film4Climate Global Video Competition for aspiring young filmmakers from around the world to express their vision for a sustainable future by creating a short film or video about climate action. The competition was the outcome of a partnership between the World Bank Group’s Connect4Climate programme, the United Nations, Vulcan Productions, and the Italian energy company Enel, which has endorsed the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and targets carbon neutrality for its operations by 2050. Other presenting partners include the UNFCCC, UN Sustainable Development, UNEP, The Global Brain, and the Government of the Kingdom of Morocco. In addition, more than 50 collaborating partners, including AIBD, were supporting the competition. The Connect4Climate community is connected with about 500 partners around the world, including civil society groups, media networks, international organisations, academic institutions, youth groups, and the private sector. CEC also collaborated with Connect4Climate, D.C., to promote the competition in India from 2017 to 2020.  We have worked with them for four consecutive years. The Connect4Climae Global Video Competition invited filmmakers between the ages of 14-35 years old from all over the world to showcase their talents and create a Short Film (1-5 minutes) about climate action.  Awareness was raised on climate change and in building coalitions that amplify advocacy efforts among policy-makers, the private sector, and grassroots communities.