Green Films Centre (GFC)

Accelerating Environmental Consciousness

Every day we read how glaciers are receding, water levels are falling perilously, greenhouse gases are turning our atmosphere into poisonous traps. But do we do enough to practice environment conservation in our daily lives? Adults and children, we all need our lessons to be told impressively to us so that we never forget. So, what could be the most effective tool to teach us the changing environmental realities and ways to deal with it?

A film is a magical thing. It creates fantastic images and captures stark realities which jolt you out of your complacency. No better way than films then to impress upon all that "environment" is not a "boring" subject but an imperative to staying alive.

The CEC team with its vast experience in sourcing green films, bringing together global green filmmakers on one platform, and designing activities to engage minds on the subject is uniquely positioned to design film-based communication programmes to communicate the message of environment conservation.

Through film festivals, thematic film packages, and film-based communications tools, programmes and campaigns, the Green Films Centre will create a "hub" for motivating young minds and people for sustainable lifestyles and behavioural change.

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