Climate Change Communication Centre (C4)

Enabling the Change towards a Cleaner Climate

"Article 6 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) stipulates the promotion of education, training, and public awareness on climate change. All six pillars of the Article 6 cover education, training, public awareness, public participation in the decision making, public access to environmental information and international cooperation.

Enhancement of public awareness as well as knowledge of governmental and business structures through the educational and informational mechanisms is a comprehensive way to contribute towards fulfilment of the requirements of the Convention and Kyoto Protocol on the reduction of GHG emissions, bring benefits to national economies on the state and local level through the behavioural changes, support usage of environmentally friendly and energy efficient technologies. Nowadays, information and its purposeful dissemination is an inseparable part of everyday life as well as the most efficient instrument of the realisation of any, political or public, campaigns."

Communicating climate change is a never-ending task. This new field is gaining momentum across the world as scientists, governments, the media, companies, and civil societies are recognising the vital importance of effective communication about climate change and engaging people proactively through sustained behaviour change.

In alignment to the international, regional and local needs, a specialised Centre on Climate Change Communication has been set up in India by CEC for effective communication strategies and action on climate change issues. The Centre will strategise, conduct research, promote, facilitate, develop, and implement awareness on climate change issues. Develop and implement public engagement and communication programmes on climate change and encourage contributions and personal action in addressing climate change concerns, supports climate-friendly policies and work towards fostering behavioural changes, by using popular local, traditional and new media.

The climate change communication centre will work with civil society, governmental officials, businesses, media, general public, and especially children and youth to inform the public about causes of climate change, sources of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as actions that can be taken at all levels to address climate change and deliver climate change learning action.

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