DR ANTHONY LEISEROWITZ, Director, Yale Center for Environmental Communication, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Yale University

Dr Anthony Leiserowitz, Ph.D. is Director of the Yale Center for Environmental Communication and a research scientist at the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies at Yale University. He is an expert on public opinion and engagement with the issues of climate change and the environment. His research investigates the psychological, cultural, and political factors that influence environmental beliefs, attitudes, policy support, and behavior. He conducts research at the global, national, and local scales, including studies in the United States, China, and India. He also conducted the first study of worldwide public values, attitudes, and behaviors regarding sustainability, including environmental protection, economic prosperity, and human development. He has served as a consultant to the John F. Kennedy School of Government (Harvard University), the United Nations Development Program, the Gallup World Poll, and the World Economic Forum. He is a board member of the KR Foundation and has served as an advisor to the UN Foundation, the Ad Council, and the China Center for Climate Change Communication at Renmin University. He is also the host of Climate Connections, a national radio program and podcast. Twitter: @ecotone2, @YaleClimateComm, @CC_Yale