From President and Co-founder's Desk

Development Communication and Health Communication are, very evidently, evolved and established fields the world over. Environment communication, which defines the interaction between human beings as individuals and communities and their immediate natural environment, is yet to evolve as a defined stream or field.


In India, a lot needs to be done in the field of environment communication. It is such communication which will become the cornerstone of how we understand and nurture our relationship with the natural world and forge a mutually beneficial relationship to pave the way for a sustainable society.


With the boom in the print and electronic media and the rise and rise of the social media, communicating about pressing environmental issues via such media and making it a priority for the people is an uphill but critical task which requires immediate attention.


We at Centre for Environment Communication (CEC) feel that a common understanding of the complexities of issues such as climate change and communicating the importance of biodiversity to human and other species survival are, presently, disconnected to a large extent. Environment is, as of now, simply a fashion statement; an eco-friendly lifestyle is neither a pressing public agenda, nor has it been mainstreamed in our daily lives.


Bringing these issues to the forefront is a vital need and so is optimally and strategically using the booming conventional and social media to communicate environmental issues. The CEC focus is to go beyond awareness to promote and sustain an eco-friendly behaviour change. The conducive and proactive environment we endeavour to provide will create inspiring leaders and champions for green issues and our goal of a sustainable lifestyle will gradually but surely, we believe, go on to become a way of life.


Centre for Environment Communication as a niche organisation will bridge this present gap and channelise its constant and consistent efforts to bring to the forefront the multilayered and multi-discipline innovations involved in environment communication.


CEC is committed to suffusing the subconscious with a LOVE FOR ENVIRONMENT and MOULDING ATTITUDES TOWARDS CONSERVATION.


At CEC, Environment is First. 


Alka Tomar

President and Founder